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Your new Poodle puppy has been registered with the American Kennel Club as a litter by Poodles by Design.  You will receive an official AKC registration APPLICATION from Poodles By Design to complete and send into the AKC with the required fee, or you may choose to register online using the link below.  The American Kennel Club will send you a registration CERTIFICATE with your puppy's official name.  At the time of registration you may opt to purchase an official AKC pedigree as a keepsake and/or record.   


All Registrations Are Not Equal

AKC Dog Registration application




We are proud to be affiliated with the American Kennel Club.  All of our breeding studs are DNA'd through the American Kennel Club.  All of our breeding Poodles are registered & pedigreed with the AKC; and all of our puppy litters are registered with the AKC.  Our breeding kennel program is inspected by and in good standing with the American Kennel Club.




  • When you buy a dog represented as "AKC-registrable," you will receive an AKC Dog Registration application, (pictured in the image above) filled out by the seller.
  • Be wary of excuses such as "AKC hasn't sent the papers yet." The AKC Dog Registration Form should be available at the time you pick up your puppy. If not, wait until the breeder receives it before you pay for and take home the pup.
  • The AKC is the only purebred dog registry which conducts kennel inspections to ensure the proper care and conditions of AKC-registered dogs. Make sure your new puppy's registration and papers have the official AKC seal.
  • AKC does not accept registrations from most other domestic registries, so don't assume that you can transfer your dog's registration to AKC after buying the dog.
  • Buyers should look for AKC registration, the only registry that offers the services, events and commitment to purebred dogs that buyers—and their canine companions—deserve.








WORDS OF WISDOM:  DO NOT accept a promise from any breeder that the necessary paperwork will be sent along later after you purchase and accept your puppy.  If the breeder is not able to produce the dog’s registration papers, consider going elsewhere for a puppy.  It may be that the litter has not been (or cannot be) registered with the AKC.







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