I love  french toast,  french fries,

french manicures, french kisses

and French Poodles...



...but I especially love my

French Bulldogs!



We became completely enamored with the French Bulldog in 2012.  We have spent over 2 years researching the French Bulldog breed. 


Our love affair with the French Bulldog began with a little Frenchie girl named Villyn and has blossomed from there.  Soon after along came our little boy, Vandyl, who is full of Frenchie attitude. 

Our adventure began with specific criteria.  We searched until we found a male and a female that complemented one another; that are AKC French Bulldog standard described as "active, intelligent, muscular, alert, curious and interested"; American bred, born & raised; without Fad Colors within lines; that were Veterinarian certified healthy; came from healthy parents; and French Bulldogs with top pedigrees that had multiple AKC championships in their lines.  We are very pleased with our choices and are sure that you will agree when you meet them.


Frenchies make wonderful pets, they are happy, loving and constantly amusing.  Their muscular bodies, beautiful smooshed faces and trademark bat ears really make them irresistible!!!  French Bulldogs (or as the French say, "Bouledogue Francais") are also called: "Frenchies", "Frog Dogs" and "Clown Dogs".


We have American bred, born and raised AKC Registered standard French Bulldogs with NO IMPORTS and NO FAD COLORS (which are gene mutations associated with health issues such as brittle bone disease, skin diseases, deafness and serious temperament problems).  We recommend that you do research on IMPORTS and FAD COLORS before purchasing a Frenchie.


I am an experienced breeder and have plenty of experience with dogs; but, trust me no one ever knows it all no matter how long they have been involved.  We recommend consumers find a trusted, reputable breeder and be cautious of backyard breeders who just throw two dogs together to get a litter of puppies.   Beware of Import Brokers and false claims regarding "Rare Colors".


If you are looking for a healthy, well adjusted French Bulldog then you have come to the right place.  All of our AdoraBull Frenchies come from healthy bloodlines and are registered with the American Kennel Club only.  We pride ourselves in providing well socialized, healthy  and happy AdoraBull Frenchie Puppies.


Our AdoraBull Frenchies live inside our home as part of our family.  Our AdoraBull Frenchies have access to outdoor adventures through the doggy-door that they can facilitate as they desire.


We do not always have puppies, but if you are willing to wait we will help you find an AdoraBull Frenchie puppy for your family.


Please feel free to look around our site.  Meet our AdoraBull Frenchies.  Browse our web pages where you will find educational and informative material about the French Bulldog.






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