AdoraBull Vandyl by Design


A handsome cream colored male, Vandyl is 18 lbs. of pure muscle.  He is stocky, cobby and low to the ground. He comes from a long line of championship Frenchies with an impressive 32 AKC Champions from his fathers side alone.  If you are wowed by his pedigree and his size then you will be blown away by his heart stealing personality.   He is my pride and joy; and beloved by all who meet him.






AdoraBull Villyn by Design


Villyn has a sweet, friendly personality.  She has never met a stranger, and makes friends within moments of greeting them.  Both of Villyn's parent were Championship sired, and Villyn has a long lineage of Daystar Champions in her pedigree.  Her coat is brindle in color and as soft as a mink fur.   Villyn's beautiful humongous bat ears, great solemn face, square bully head, lots of wrinkles, short stocky, cobby body and a heart of gold is great confirmation of the Frenchie standard.  As you can tell I think she is beautiful!!!  And although her 27 lbs of muscle can keep up with the boys during play time, Villyn is a real girly-girl and loves pretty things.  






AdoraBull Vyndetta by Design


Vyndetta (affectionately known as Rose) is a beautiful fun spirited fawn color w/ black mask AdoraBull Frenchie.Her big bat ears are so striking. Her muscular body and beautiful square bully head give her beautiful definition. You can see Rose occasionally on our AdoraBull Frenchie Facebook page.

We plan to breed her in 2016 with our handsome Dylan...

and expecting some gorgeous fawn and possibly pied from her.






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