Choosing A Healthy Puppy





At 8 – 12 weeks of age a puppy will have received the first series of vaccines, should be weaned, eating solid food, and well socialized.


Most puppies appear healthy, but a close inspection may make some puppies more desirable.  Literally go over the puppy from head to tail.


Begin by examining the head.  The nose should be cool and moist.  Nasal discharge or frequent sneezing is a sign of poor health.  Check for a correct bite.   The gums should be pink and healthy looking.  Pale gums suggest anemia, possibly caused by intestinal parasites.  Feel for a soft spot on the dome of the skull.  If present, the fontanel is open, which is associated with hydrocephalus.  The eyes should be clear and bright.  The ears should be clean and sweet-smelling.  A buildup of wax with odor may be caused by ear mites.  Head-shaking and tenderness indicate an ear infection.


The pup should breathe in and out without effort.


The skin on the abdomen should be clean and healthy looking.  A bulge at the navel is caused by umbilical hernias. 


A healthy coat is bright and shiny. 


The puppy’s gait should be free and smooth without limping or faltering.


Young puppies should be alert, playful and full of vitality.



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NOTE:   Upon your “bonding visit” and puppy inspection we are assured that you found our little darlings in good health.  To activate and maintain our health contract be sure to have your puppy vet checked within 48 hours of possession. 


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