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As most professional Toy Poodle breeders will affirm, there is no real monitary profit in producing quality puppies.  Breeding dogs is a costly business if done right.  Producing healthy, strong puppies, whether purebred or mutt, is an expensive business.  Few people make money from selling litters, and none become filthy rich.  The necessary investment in quality food, health care, including vaccines, and time is rarely covered.  As a full-time business, purebred dog breeding might show a modest profit, but it rarely does.  Most breeders are content to just break even.  Those who have any profit use it to help defray the costs. 

The economic flow usually is as follows: 

Your Toy bitch whelps a normal healthy litter of three.  You sell the first pup, and the sale pays for the food bill, the pre-breeding veterinary fees, supplimental milk for extra feedings and the whelping box. The next sale goes toward the dewclaw removal, tail docking fees, the pup's exam, first shots and worming.  The sale of the third pup covers the second series of vaccines, AKC registration of the litter, litter for the litter pans, nutra-cal,  phone bill,  yellow page ad and for the cost of advertising on the Internet. No profit with this litter, but that's okay - the next litter is coming up.

The second litter of pups is born.  Or rather pup, because it is a litter of one.  The sell of this one won't even cover the emergency c-section that was needed for the delivery, must less all the other needed expenses.  

And, so it goes. 

Occasionally I get request from people looking to purchase a Poodle for "just a pet", and not wanting to spend "that much money" for a Poodle.  At Poodles by Design we take our breeding program very seriously.  A lot of time, effort, energy, medical care and money has been invested into our Poodles.  Each Design Poodle has been raised with the utmost loving care and bred to ensure healthy, beautiful puppies.   

Less expensive puppies can probably be purchased at a pet store.  However, the American Humane Society is absolutely opposed to anyone purchasing pups at a pet store.   Why?  Because reputable breeders DO NOT wholesale puppies to pet stores - PUPPY MILLS  do!   Puppy mills also do business on the Internet - so be cautious.

Puppy mills are large breeding operations that produce innumerable breeds in volume with no regard for the dogs health, conformation, disposition or temperament. Some internet breeders may portray one breed on one web site when they have various web sites selling different breeds.    Their web sites portary serene surroundings, but if visited you will find crates of dogs stacked from floor to ceiling with sickly dogs begging for affection.  These places are where pet store puppies come from - not from reputable breeders..

Even though puppy mills are not illegal, they are definitely immoral!!!  Puppy mill puppies don't have the nurturing and socialization needed for good mental health, and they are often ill.  Be aware - you get what you pay for.


Quality isn't expensive - it's priceless !!!

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