Our Poodle Pictures

"Welcome To Our Home"


Design's latest progeny from Gorgeous and Gigolo -

"Studley"  and  "EyeKandi".


Miss Tea chewing on the tug.


Bubbles and Hot Dog playing hide and seek.



Let's play tag !



"It's parti-time !!!"



Kandi and Studley finding mischeif.


Surprise!!!  You couldn't find me.



Don't be a spoil sport.  Okay, okay, so it's your turn to hide.



Are we having fun yet?


"Is this guy for real" ???



Family pets, Cody and K.O., wanting to get in on the fun.



Ohmee and his siblings hanging-out!



Ohmee, using the litter pan in the family room.



"Happy at home"



"A day in the life of a Design Poodle"



"Happy at 16 weeks"



"Getting ready to go to my new home"



"Pixie and Madison using the potty"



"It takes a lot of concentration!!!!"



"Our little snow - babies"



"Play - time"



"Who wants to play ball ? "



"Shh...we're playing Hide and Seek"



"When is dinner ? "



Summer puppies



"Gorgeous - all dressed up and ready to go"



"Sparkle and Dazzle"



"Deja Vu in her teenage rebellion stage!"



"Maybe if I took a running jump ? "



"Mia Parti going on a picnic"



"Peppermint playing tug with Dad "



"Bee - utiful"



"Merry Christmas from Peppermint Parti"



"Getting aquainted with the litter pan (at four weeks old) "



"Bar-B-Que says hello from Miami"



"Darling and her toys"



"Barbie, a real Doll"



"Little Marco with Mom"



"Angel - Cake at 6 weeks old"



"Our Angel - Cake"



"Little Godiva"



"Mrs. VanCott's Kindergarten class"



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