Puppy Milestones

NEWBORNS - Poodle puppies are born with closed ears and eyes.  They have long tails and dew claws. Between 4 - 7 days old their dew claws are removed and one-third of their tail is docked.  We handle and massage our puppies from day one to encourage the bonding process and eliminate the fear of grooming and vet visits.  Puppies are weighed daily for the first two weeks of life to head off any problems.  Puppies that are not growing may need supplimental feedings to get a good start.





2 WEEKS OLD - Pups eyes and ears are beginning to open.  Their eyes appear blue at this stage.  Handling massages continue daily.  Deworming is begun with Strongid T at two weeks and continues every two weeks until the pups are 8 - 10 weeks old.  After two weeks of age the puppies are weighed weekly to watch growth patterns.

2 Weeks Old



3 WEEKS OLD - Puppies start to "wobble" around their play yards outside of the whelp-box to explore their surroundings.  They are still somewhat uncoordinated, but manage to investigate every nook and cranny they can find.  At 3 weeks old puppies are also beginning to develop voluntary control over their bladder and bowel functions.  They acquire a preference for a surface to eliminate by 8 – 9 weeks of age, and instinctively desire to keep their living area clean.  We take advantage of all these factors and begin Purina SecondNature Litter training as soon as our puppies start climbing out of the whelp box.


3 Weeks Old



4 WEEKS OLD - Solid food is introduced.  We start our puppies on "gruel" (a mixture of supplimental puppy milk and dry baby oatmeal).  Their eyes darken in color.   Curiousity is in their nature, and personalities are beginning to form.

4 Weeks Old


6 WEEKS OLD -  Puppies begin to wean between 6 - 7 weeks old.  This can be a very stressful time for puppies.  We take our cues from the mommy's.  We watch to see how often she lays down for them to nurse.  We notice whether or not she is pushing them away or walking away from their attempts to nurse on her.  Some are weaned later than others depending on the dam and her intuition.  We think it is very important for the weaning process to be natural and not forced by human intervention.  Also, it is during the weaning process that some pups slow down in growth and others start putting on weight.  They are no longer getting the "fat" from their mommy's milk.  This is when the size difference begins to show.  Dispositions are developing.  Some pups demonstrate the alpha dominate leadership personalities of the pack, while some show signs of submissiveness.  At this stage it is important to encourage a lot of interaction with the environment and other puppies.  Daily playtime is scheduled for all of our litters to mingle together, play hide-n-seek, chase and tug-o-war as they socialize with one another. 

6 Weeks Old


8 WEEKS OLD - Puppies get their first haircuts.  We groom them shaving the face, paws, tail and tummy.  They also receive a well-puppy check.  The first series of Puppy Shots is given (Fort Dodge Duramune Max 5-CvK without Leptospira Bacterin).  And microchips are implanted.  Pups are weighed and measured to estimated adult weight and size.  Toy size puppies are usually ready to go to new homes at this age. 

8 Weeks Old



10 WEEKS OLD - Tiny Toy and Teacups are ready to go to their new homes between 10 - 12 weeks old.  Puppies are kept with the mommies as they "teach" their pups good "doggy-manners" and "doggy-etiquette".

10 Weeks Old



12 WEEKS OLD - The second series of Puppy Shots is given (Fort Dodge Duramune Max 5-CvK/4L which includes the Leptospira Bacterin). 

12 Weeks Old



16 WEEKS OLD - The third and final series of Puppy Shots is given (again with Fort Dodge Duramune Max 5-CvK/4L). 

Puppies will need yearly boosters.  Rabies vaccines can be given anytime after 16 weeks.  I recommend waiting until 5 months old for Rabie shots when possible.


16 Weeks Old



Poodles go through several coat changes - the soft puppy "fur-ball" coat, the curly adult coat at 8 - 18 months, and the coarse texture coat at 2 - 3 years old.

Our Poodles live in our home with us and our puppies are hand raised and under foot.  They are like our own babies.  We are very particular where our puppies are placed and reserve the right to place our puppies in the homes of our choice. We do not always have puppies, but if you are willing to wait we will help you find the perfect Poodle puppy for your family.




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