Do  You Quailify to Adopt?


We look for stable, loving, committed homes for our baby-dogs.

Puppies are a long term responsibility and require a great deal of time, attention and training.  You must be willing to adopt our puppy as a member of your family much as you would a baby.

We look for homes that will take their "baby-dog" on vacations with them every year instead of leaving them in kennels.

We prefer that our pups not be left alone for more than 8 hours a day (during work or school).

We look for homes that have adults that will be responsible for the dogs care; even if a puppy is purchased for a family pet for the "kids".

Purchasing a puppy is a commitment for a lifetime.  We look for responsible homes that will ensure the physical health, mental stimulation & emotional security that every puppy needs.

And, we reserve the right to place our puppies in loving, stable, permanent homes of our choice.


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