Genetic Disorders



The health of an animal, both at the time of purchase as well as long-term, is an important considerationInherited disorders (some of which do not even show up for several years) are present in virtually every living creature and Poodles, unfortunately, are no exception.

Progressive Retinal Atrophy and Patella Luxation are specific to Toy Poodles. 

Other genetic disorders that occur as well (but are not unique to Poodles) include cataracts, congenital heart defects, inguinal and naval hernias, incorrect bite, collapsing trachea, white dog shaker syndrome, hypoglycemia, wobblers syndrome, seizure disorder, epilepsy.  There are NO genetic test for these, but can be detected and diagnosed by a veterinarian if they develop.

All of our Poodles are AKC Registered, microchipped with HomeAgain for identification, our males are DNA Certified, and every Poodle is screened for patella luxation.  





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