Murray with his new mom!!!

This is my new mommy, Alice.

I got all spruced up on Adoption Day.

Murray with the GQ look.

Can you tell that I was a little nervous

as I was waiting for my new mom to arrive?

What a love!!!

My new mom named me Murray.

I feel so loved and cherished.

Precious little guy.

I am such a love bug!!!

How can you not fall in love with this?

Truely, this is

"Home, sweet home"!!!

Recent Pictures of Murray

March 2007

From: "Alice"


Subject: Murray pics and update

Date: Friday, March 30, 2007 9:10:58 AM

Hi Betty, Don't know if you remember me, I'm Alice and I adopted Murray in August of 2006.  I just wanted to send you some photos and an update.  He is such a good dog and has such a good temperament.  He loves to play with any dog of any size and they love to play with them.  Murray is doing tricks and has a lot of energy.  He is still using the litter pan very well and it is a godsend when I leave to go to work.  He has enriched my life and the life of my family so much.  We all love him!  Here are some photos, excuse the long hair, he is getting groomed in a few days. 

Thanks again, Alice