What a blessing to meet two sister who live side by side in Indiana who want to give two littermates a home.   Phyllis opened her heart to our little red tuxedo boy (Chuckles) and Sharon will be "mommy" to his sister (Giggles).   Phyllis and her sister Sharon drove all the way from Indianaoplis, Indiana (with a close friend Mary Anne) to pick up both babies.




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Sharon had already decided on a name for her little girl.  Giggles (with the wiggles) will now be know as "Princess Lollipop".

Phyllis wanted to get to know her little boy's personality before christening him.  She is now calling him Sassafras!!!

Mary Anne was just as excited about the new babies as her friends were.  I have a feeling that Mary Anne will be wanting to do a lot of babydog-sitting for her friends.