My new mom and dad named me "Ichiro".  The name is the same as the famous Japanese baseball player.  Plus, Ichi means 1st in Japanese. 

It made Mimi proud that my new parents realized that I am a #1 puppy!  I am good quality, and have a wonderful bloodline.  Mimi is so happy that they appreciate my heritage. 

My new mom never had a puppy before, and was somewhat skittish of me.  My new dad assured Mimi that they would take excellent care of me and that they were proud to have me in their family.  My new mom was concerned about puppy-proofing the house and wanted to know everything she needed to do to keep me from finding trouble for myself.  Mimi told her small objects on the floor were choking hazzards, and to make sure that if my toys came apart after a while from chewing to remove them and replace them with new ones.

I'm not worried.  They are full of love, and I can feel it!  We are going to have a wonderful life together.  My new mom and dad are spoiling me already!!!