"Jon and Kristy"

I am such a lucky guy!  My new folks have the best sense of humor, and treat me like a little "Prince".  

On my adoption day they arrived with a pink colored collar, a pink toy, and pink bedding for my car-crate.  And then they had the audacity (boldness) to fun-lovingly dupped me with the name Count Ebenezer Piggleton - "Pig"! 

What a sense of humor!!!   And with that knowledge I know that Jon and Kristy will appreciate any antics that I get myself into!!!

They are the coolest couple that I know!!!   We're going to get along just fine.

Greetings from Pig and family:



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As you can see, Pig had no problem acclaimating to his new home!!!

And we are definitely starting off the summer with lots of fun and excitement!

Of course everyone knows that Poodles love the water!!!  And Pig loves his new folks.  What a life!!!