Hi, my name is Pixie.

Meet my new family, Sandra & Matias.



They are spoiling me already!

I have a pink princess bed, pink ribbons, pink collar,

pink name tag, pink blanket, my own purple poodle tug-toy,

and all the attention that a babydog could want!!!


My "dad", Matias is the kindest, most thoughtful man I know!

He had a hard time keeping me a secret

while he tried to surprise my new "mommy", Sandra.

But everything worked out just fine.

  We still have secrets together. 

Shh...I just told him that I love him so-ooo much!


Happiness really is a Poodle Puppy by Design!



UPDATE - 2008

Hi Betty,  

How are you doing? This is Sandra, Pixie's "mommy".   Just wanted to give you a quick update.

Pixie is doing great; She is the little princess of the family & is spoiled rotten. She is currently enrolled in training classes and has learned many tricks. She loves to play with other dogs and is very friendly, loving & extremely smart. Pixie turns 6 months on January 18th. We love her dearly, and she has become very attached to Matias & I.  

Below are some pictures of our beautiful little princess, Pixie.     Enjoy.

Regards, Sandra & Matias.