Happiness is a Poodle Puppy By Design!!!






































































Welcome to our

Poodle Palace

Our Poodles are raised, socialized and live in our home. Their housing is temperature & humidity controlled, a heated and air conditioned facility with four rooms.

The first room is where our Poodles are bathed, groomed, photographed and Poodle supplies are kept.

The second room is our Maturnity Ward and Nursery where newborns are whelped in babycribs above the floor for safety and under heating lamps for the extra heat needed for infants.  All Poodle puppies socialize with other litters in the Nursery play-yards, and outdoors at the appropriate age.

The third room is where our females (who sometimes behave like bitches) are kept separate from our intact males to ensure parentage of each litter.

And the fourth room is our "Bachelor Pad" for our studs. This is where all the "action" happens!!!

Although intact males & females do not have complete run of our home (due to spraying) all of our Poodles do have controlled family time with us.  During the evening while we're watching FoxNews or NCIS reruns, working in the yard in the morning and they even take turns sleeping in our bed.

All of our Poodles have daily exercise and play in our fenced-in yard (weather permitting).  We use Revolution®, which is a topical heartworm preventative that also prevents fleas, ticks and mites.






Quality isn't expensive.  It's priceless !




301 483-0153

or Puppies@PoodlesByDesign.biz