Registered American Kennel Club

Design's Clifford, the Big Red Dog



a.k.a. - "Clifford"

AKC Registration #PR15255101

Clifford is so fearless that he actually thinks he is bigger than any other Poodle. He loves people and enjoys having visitors. Born May 15, 2011 he is a red Teacup Poodle. Cllifford weighs 30 oz. and he is 6 inches tall. His mom is Dazzle and his dad is StudMuffin. Grandparents are Princess & Sizzle and Gorgeous & Snuggles.




Clifford's Champion Great-Grandfather:

Champion Birdsongs Broad Bay Biarritz

a.k.a. - formerly known as "Slick" of Rainbow Toy Poodles.

a.k.a. - now known as "Blitzy" from Mink Toy Poodles.



Purchased by Pat Mink, and

now know as "Blitzy" of Mink Poodles in N.Y.