Design's Helluva Beauty

I am Design's Helluva Beauty; better known as "Bella".

I was born on January 29, 2013 to

Design's Ravishing Beauty and Design's Helluva Chance.

I am a 5 lbs  - 9 inches tall Black Toy Poodle.


Bella @ 8 weeks old


Our "Helluva Beauty", Bella,

comes from a long line of Champions.

With a surprising twist;

our Teacup stud "Ripley"

(VanCott's Believe It Or Not)

is Bella's great-great-grandfather!!!

(click on names to view pedigrees and pictures)



Design's Helluva Beauty's Grand-Sire: 

Champion Fairview Kiyara TAKEA CHANCE





Watch for "Helluva Beauty's" future progeny

here at Poodles By Design

CLICK HERE Bella and George Litter