AKC Pedigrees



                                               A pedigree is a family tree.


Pedigrees are often prepared by breeders on computer formats.  If an official AKC pedigree is desired, it can be purchased from the registry for a fee.  Those documents are designed to list AKC exhibition titles as well as names, coat colors and registration numbers for either 14 to 30 ancestors. 



Pedigrees are important because they are the means to study bloodlines and learn the relationships among dogs of a particular breed.   A breeder combines not only the genes of the sire and dam but also every ancestor of the mating pair.  Ancestry, progeny, good health and temperament are attributes that all have to come into consideration when breeding.


By researching a pedigree, a good breeder can make an educated guess at how a pair will produce. Speculation can be made on whether an anticipated litter will produce good coats, or fright wigs, noble heads or weak chins, mediocrity or WOW!  When notations such as sable, brindle, phantom are included, we may be able to predict colors likely to be produced by various pairings.  A successful breeder is one who sees the virtues and the faults in his or her own dogs. 


NOTE:  A pedigree ensures only that the dogs are registered with the AKC or a similar organization.  It does not testify to the quality of the dogs in question.  The only way to ensure the quality of the progeny is to eliminate animals that yield hereditary defects or poor quality from breeding stock.  A successful breeder is honest in self-evaluation of their dams, sires and their offspring.


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