Happiness is a Poodle Puppy by Design!!!

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Black/White Parti Male

Born July 31, 2006


Reserved for

Poodles by Design®




Newborn -->  




<-- Two Weeks Old




 Three Weeks Old -->




and still looks like a munchkin!!!

His hair is getting longer

and feels like velvet. 

He scampers when called. 

He is so surreal.

He is now eating puppy food, but he is

too small to climb into the litter pan.

Oh well, can't have everything!!!



 Here I am at 6 weeks old.

I am developing a preference

to litter for elimination.  I can even climb into the litter pan now.

I'm pretty smart for

a 1 pound pip-squeek!!!

I'll be staying with the VanCott's.

My AKC registered name is

Design's Bachelor Parti.



They call me "Vegas"



Featured in the Puppy Gallery !!!