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Our "Peppermint Parti" girl







February 18, 2006



1 - 6 weeks


Champagne Cream Boy




One week -



Two weeks -

We are at the stage of "eat and sleep".



Three weeks  -

Eyes & ears opened. 

Eyes appear blue in color.  

Awake for longer periods.

Started "baby-talk",

with tiny barks.



Four weeks -

Beginning to eat "gruel" - a mixture of rice baby cereal with a bit of milk and yogart.

Playful.  Teething. 

Hair getting curly and longer.


Five weeks -

Eyes have

darkened in color.

Movement and

balance are becoming

more coordinated.

Stays awake for

longer intervals

during the day.

Very playful.

Developing own

distictive personality.

Six weeks -


Scampering about.


Graduated from "gruel" to

a mixture of softened

Science Diet &

Cesaer Puppy food. 

(I still like Mom's milk best!)