From: "Andrea"

To: "''"

Subject: Gemma and Samson

Date: Tuesday, November 04, 2008 8:56:32 PM



        Hi Betty,

Gemma is settling in well, and she and Samson are getting to know each other.  She is eating well, causing plenty of ruckus and generally settling in.  She is quite the little daredevil.  She has already learned how to jump from the couch to the coffee table, and has jumped off the couch too before I could catch her.

It took Samson a couple of months to learn those tricks.  She is sleeping through the night without a problem, a few whines the first night and then nothing. 

She got a clean bill of health from the vet; he thinks you guys to a great job with your puppies.  She has gained 2 ounces so far too. 

She is a little love, and in a couple of months Samson will realize it too. No pictures yet, but I will get some.

Thanks again, I love my two beautiful puppies that have gotten such a great start from you.




FROM:     Andrea


SUBJECT:  My New Puppy

DATE:     Wednesday, October 17, 2007


I thought I would give you an update on my new little guy.  I named him Samson.  It is turning out to be a very appropriate name for the size of his personality.  He is great, full of energy and settling in well.  He is being a very good boy.  Housebreaking is a bit of a challenge, he poops in the litter box, but doesn't seem to want to pee there.  We are working on it.  He loves being held, and is anxious to give me kisses as soon as I walk in the door (more like he tries to lick me to death).  He got a glowing report from the vet last Monday.  He weighed in at 1 lb 13 oz, but at the rate he is chowing down his food, I expect he has gone over 2 lbs.  He is a real joy.  I got a great little friend here.  I am sending along some pictures; it is difficult to get pictures of him because he is rarely still and always wants to be close.