July 2006


Dear Betty,


Your answer was so-ooo very helpful!  Teddy-Poo had a good night in the crate - he doesn't object to the crate.

The vet. gave TP a Seal of Approval; said all is OK.  Teddy is doing well;  a very, very good boy.


I simply cannot express enough how great he is, and it's all because of you!


Finding you was just wonderful!  I knew that I wanted a "lap dog" companion when I retired, but I had so many concerns; my much loved home; my cleanliness; my lack of experience and knowledge in having a puppy.


 I studied and read and explored. I thought about a mature dog; I went to the kennels to adopt; I went to breeders and looked at dogs and puppies; and studied breeds.  And then, I found you!!!!  And you had Teddy-Poo!!


Again, thanks; he is such a wonderful and well behaved dog.  I am happy and just rave about you! 

Love always!!


Silver Spring,  Maryland