From: Donna

To: "''"

Date: Friday, March 14, 2008 11:41:16 AM





Vegas is acclimating well!  He was a little tenuous the first day or so.  Now, he and Jackson are “brothers” and love to wrestle around.  He is eating so much better now and has gotten small stairs to the couch mastered!  He has been on a few walks and gets to like it more each time.  He still walks behind while Jackson is prancing in front.  I am certain he’ll be doing the same in a few months.  We are so happy with our new “snuggly boy”.  He does not like the crate at all and is very upset at the sight of it.  However, when we need to be gone for a bit, he needs to be contained.  We’re working on it.  His personality is the sweetest and we love him!


Angel is a doll!  She also was a little tenuous the first couple of days but now follows at Mommy’s heals.  She is working on the new location of her potty.  Angel was the talk of the neighborhood when she went for a 15-minute walk in the sunshine yesterday.  She is very special and is just what we needed her to be.  Please know that she has a good and loving home with more attention than you can imagine.  My mother-in-law loves to just sit and hold her – needless to say, Angel likes that, too!


Thanks for checking on the “kids” and we may be back in touch in the future for yet another baby.  Also, we are recommending you and your babies to everyone who we find is interested in obtaining a wonderful poodle!  


Have a good weekend!


Donna, Greg and Vegas