From: "Janet & Jody "

To: ""

Subject: I am Great

Date: Tuesday, November 11, 2008 7:53:27 PM


Dear Mom Betty,
    Well I have settled into my new home here great.  My new Mom took me to the vet yesterday.  I got a clean bill of health and he really liked me.  He an my Mom are friends and he told me I was a lucky little girl but I kind of figured that out already. My new vet was really impressed with all the paperwork you sent with me.  He said I must have come from a wonderful place.  He had never seen a little puppy in such good shape as I am.  Pretty impressive HUH! 
    I am eating really well and using my littler box.  I have only had one accident.  You would be so proud.  You told me to be smart and I am trying to make you proud.  I sleep in this really big bed between Mom and Dad and by brother Happy sleeps near the foot.  I think I get on his nerves a little.   He has been really nice to me but if I try to sleep in his bed with him he gets out and goes to another place.
    I want to be near my new mommy all the time.  I love My big brother Brian and sister Bethany.  When they come home I get so excited they have to take me for a minute, but I have to get back to my mommy really quick.  Daddy lets me lick his face and ears  that is so much fun.
   You should see the baskets of toys that Happy has.  He has one of chew toys, and one of stuffed animals.  He has been letting me share all his toys.  I have not been quite as good at sharing my new things with him though.  Mommy reminds me that I have to be a good sharer.
    Happy and I really rule the roost around here.  I am running around like I have been here my whole life.   
    Thank you so much for taking such good care of me, and getting me ready to be such a good girl for my new family.  Don't worry Mom I love it here and I am really happy. 
I will always love you,
   Tara Beth