Sunday, January 15, 2007


From: Joan and Jim


Subject: My Cuties, Zoe & Kallie


Dear Betty and David,

Jim and I just want to thank you again for the most precious and wonderful gifts that we could have ever hoped for.  I would like for anyone who has been fortunate to get one of your "babies" to consider themselves  to be very lucky.

Jim and I purchased two teacup poodles (sisters) from Betty.  They have great dispositions and love chasing each other.  The decision to purchase two at the same time was the right choice. 

Zoe is litter trained and we are still working with Kallie.   They go to sleep by 10:00 p.m. and wake me up about 7:30 a.m. 

Thanks for allowing us to come to see Zoe and Kallie as they were growing up, and also for the PuppyLove Letters.  I am going to make a memory book of the girls, using the PuppyLove Letters.  The pictures allowed us to see the surroundings and the love that you have for all of your dogs.  Thanks!


Joan and Jim