From: "Karen"

To: ""

Subject: "Joy" of my life

Date: December 18, 2009



Dear Betty,

Merry Christmas! You may remember me, I adopted ‘lil girlfriend’, a black female, on January 25th. I named her JOY (akc Lady Joy Wilmar), and she is her name, a joy, she fills my heart with joy and she is joyful.

She is healthy, happy and well behaved. Joy loves to play, her favorite is fetch and she has a large collection of toys to choose from, and she loves to chew on her chew toys. Joy is simply well adjusted, calm (as were her parents) and lovable. She likes my family and friends and two small children who live two houses over, and she doesn’t mind the few other dogs she has met since I got her. What brings me such delight is how much she loves and fusses over my elderly parents, since this was the second reason for getting her because they have in the past had toy poodles and are too old to take care of any more but missed their dog, I knew if I had a dog they could have the affection and love but without the work. This has just been great for them, they fuss and spoil her when we visit and they ask about her on the phone even before they inquire about me!

As I said she is healthy. I take her to a vet that I like, her next appointment is in January. I had her fixed in April and that went well for her but just like a mother I was anxious and worried, and it was the first night I was apart from her, I couldn’t wait to pick her up. I still feed Joy the same food you had her on, I did try the adult version but she does seem to like the fact of the bigger pieces. I thought she seemed on the thin size,4.5 lbs, but the vet isn’t concerned. I only had been feeding her the dry food but the vet said in addition to that, try feeding her chicken, she likes that and cooked carrots. My mother feeds her people food and saves bones for her when I visit, typical grandparents they spoil her. But if it wasn’t for my mother I wouldn’t have thought to try carrots!

As for exercise, there’s a walking park just behind my house that allows dogs and since I don’t have a fenced in yard I built a dog run in the yard using two 3 ft stakes, a 50 ft nylon line and a pulley with a 12 ft lead so I can sit with her while she plays in the grass. Now that winter is here we’re both going to miss that. There was a new dog park opened in the township in the spring and I took her to the orientation before the grand opening but we have never been back. I didn’t like it even though there is a separate small dog enclosure, I didn’t like that it was muddy frankly, and since I was the only small dog owner that showed up I didn’t have confidence the other dog owners would know the rules and etiquette of the park to control their pets and not have my dog injured. I have since read that dog parks can have fleas and diseases spread, I hadn’t thought of that. So the only place Joy can run free is at my parent’s house, and she loves it.

I found a master groomer that I like who not only cuts well but treats her well. She seems patient and I trust her.

Joy is confided to the kitchen while I’m at work but she seems fine with it. She is dog litter trained but without the litter, she didn’t like it, I use puppy pads in the pan and this has worked wonderfully. Since I have MS and I'm not always well enough to walk her, having her use the pan is great. She sleeps with me and is used to my night shift schedule.

I couldn’t have conceived how tremendously well getting and keeping Joy would work out. She has changed my life in more ways than one and my doctors think it has had an improvement on my health. I think they are right, she loves me unconditionally, as I her. Joy is the best friend that I needed. Please be assured that Joy is in a loving home and is given the attention and patience of a caring parent. I never hit or yell but correct in a firm, calm, assertive way. I must be doing it right because she is well adjusted and holding her tail up.

I want to Thank You for being the great breeder that you are and also for parting with her and allowing me to adopt. I can now understand why it was so hard for you to give her up.  You are often thought of by me with affection.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year,

Karen & Joy