From: Sharon

Date: June 24, 2007





     Your web site is what attracted me to do business with you.  Very professional.  My husband has a PHD in computer science and agrees as well.  It provided all the information needed in purchasing a new puppy.  The communications was excellent!  There are no words to express how we felt when we opened the crate after a very long journey.  I was in love at first sight.  Barbie was just beautiful and in perfect health.  My mother raised poodles since the time I was born.  Barbie is extremely smart and always wants to interact.  We love her and can't wait until the new babies are born.  Barbie (named after my new restaurant - which needless to say is a B-B-Q Restaurant).  That is why she is named B-B-Q Parti (a.k.a. Barbie).  I would not hesitate to purchase another.  No one could have a better personality and that comes from the loving home she came from.  She is beautiful!  Both inside and out!!!