From: Sharon and Phyllis

To: "Puppies@PoodlesByDesign.biz"

Subject: Sassafras and Lollipop update

Date: Sunday, November 09, 2008 9:45:40 PM

Hi Betty!

Phyllis and I think of you so often because we feel so lucky to have our darling little puppies.  They will be ten months old on the 9th of November.  We enjoy every minute with them.  They are very loving and playful, each one having its own unique personality.  The size and color that you predicted is unbelievabley close.  Lollipop and Sassafras go many places with us.  We can't walk over a block without being stopped and asked all about the puppies - what kind are they, where did we get them, etc.  Your handling massage was very inportant.  Our groomer is so impressed with their great behavior.  He was a poodle breeder for many years.  Phyllis and I have taken so many pictures and will send you a few soon.  Take care.


Sharon from Indianapolis



From: Sharon and Phyllis

To: "Puppies@PoodlesByDesign.biz"

Subject: Sassafras and Lollipop

Date: Sunday, April 27, 2008 9:48:10 PM


Dear Betty,

Phyllis and I are elated with our babydogs, Sassafras and Lollipop.  We are so glad we adopted a little brother and sister.  They love each other very much and play constantly.  They have the sweetest, loving dispositions.

Our DVM, Dr. Bob, checked them and said they were in tip-top shape.  He thought they were really cute and well-behaved.  The puppies were groomed Saturday and withstood the procedure very well.  I assume that litter-box training is somewhat new to the Midwest.  Everyone, including our DVM and groomer seemed quite surprised when hearing that the puppies are using a litter-box.

My sister, our friend Mary Ann and I are glad we made the trip to Maryland to adopt our puppies.  You, your family and your home were everything we expected from your website.  We know that our precious babies were given a great beginning to life.  For this, we thank you and promise to give them the best life possible.  We would certainly recommend you to anyone looking for a wonderful family member to adopt.

Phyllis and I are sending some pictures now, and we'll send updates as the puppies grow.  Again, thank you so much for entrusting your babies to us.


Sharon and Phyllis O'Neal

Indianapolis, Indiana


"Phyllis' Sassafras"


"Teething time for the siblings"


"Sharon's Princess Lollipop"


"Naptime for the babydogs"