FROM:  Shirley


DATE:  Tuesday, September 11, 2007



Hi Betty:

Lil Reba is definitely acclaimating to her new home with loads of grace & style.

She is just the most PURRRFECT little child.  I have been blessed with everything anyone would ever want in a puppy.  She sleeps through the night from day one, she jumps into her litter pan when needed, she eats & drinks water outa her own bowls, plays with all her toys.  I have been having such a blast with her.

Dr. Basset from Pet Dominion says I have a "WINNER".  He just loved her and said she has a strong heart, legs in great shape, said her ears were perfect.  Reba felt very comfortable with him and was very calm.  She fell asleep on her ride home.

Can't say enough about how happy I am getting Lil Reba.  I love the picture of Reba & me on the website.  I brag about you to everyone I know and what a wonderful experience getting Reba was.  Thank you sooooo much.



The toy you sent with Reba is her favorite.   She is so FUNNY attacking & pulling on it.  She cracks me up!