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Now that you have your new Poodle puppy at home, here are some suggestions on how to create a positive transition for you both!

     Basic things that you will need to have are food, treats, dishes, plastic play yard, crate, bedding, dog gates, pin brush, slicker brush, nail clippers, gentle "oatmeal" shampoo (recommended), and toys.

     Your new Poodle puppy will probably get homesick for a night or two.  Don't be surprised if your puppy whines and whimpers at bedtime or mealtime.  Remember, your puppy has just been taken away from the security of it's mother and littermates.

     Provide a washable bedding with a plush toy for your new puppy to cuddle up to.  A ticking clock mimics a mommy's heartbeat and may soothe a young puppy at night.  Start your puppy off in its play yard with a open crate the first night.  Remember a play yard or crate is not a jail.  On the contrary, it is the safest place for a puppy.  It will provide the comfort of feeling safe and secure in a "den" of its' own.

    Stainless steel or ceramic food and water dishes are best.  Wash them daily.

     Proper grooming is a must.  Remember, because Poodles don't shed, they require more maintenance than most other breeds.  Ideally, Poodles should be bathed twice a month.  Prior to shampooing brush out the coat thoroughly.  To keep the coat fluffy and velvety smooth use the pin brush while blowing dry. 

     Clipping should be done at a professional salon every 8 - 10 weeks. Puppies under 16 weeks old should not be exposed to a grooming shop until the immunization for parvo and distemper are finished and up to date.

     Ears need to be cleaned weekly.  Gently pull the hair out of the ear canal, and swab the ear clean with an ear cleaner recommended by your vet or groomer.  See the vet immediately if your puppy scratches it's ears or the ears have an odor.

     Toenails should be clipped every two weeks.  Teeth should be brushed weekly.

    Poodles have an anal sac that needs to be extracted regularily.  Your vet can show you how to do this, or you can ask your groomer to do it if you have your Poodle regularily groomed.

     Teach your Poodle to enjoy being groomed.  Do a few brush strokes every day and reward it with treats.  Whatever you do, never frighten your puppy about grooming.

     Provide plenty of toys for your puppy.  Chewing is a puppies way to investigate new objects and help lose their baby teeth.  Make sure your puppy has plenty of chew toys.  The more the better - toys can be rotated.  Put some toys away and alternate so that your Poodle puppy won't get bored with them.  Give only a couple different ones each day.  If a puppy has too many things to choose from it will come to believe that everything is available (shoes, furniture, remote control) for the picking!!! 

     Take your new Poodle for a Well-Puppy check-up.  Your veterinarian will check your puppy's ears, heart, etc. and ensure that it's immunization is up to date. 













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