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Puppies are guaranteed healthy at the time of sale only. Your puppy has had all shots and worming that can be done in regard to its age and size. We represent your puppy to be pet quality. It is mutually agreed and understood by the aforementioned guarantee the seller makes no other warranties, expressed or implied.

Puppies must be examined by a licensed veterinarian of purchaser’s choice within 48 hours of purchase (at the purchaser’s expense). The puppy’s microchip number must be recorded in the veterinarian computer records. Examination must include a stool check for parasites (both a floatation and a smear test are required). Worms and parasites are treatable at that time by the veterinarian. Failure to have a well-puppy check-up and/or failure to have the above mentioned documentation recorded by your veterinarian within 48 hours renders your Health Warranty VOID.

If the purchaser’s veterinarian finds a life threatening incurable congenital health problem (excluding common puppy problems) the seller must be informed within forty-eight (48) hours after purchase. A written report from the veterinarian which must include the puppy’s microchip number must be obtained and provided to the seller. The seller’s veterinarian shall be allowed to examine said puppy (shipping and exam at the purchaser’s expense). Provided that both the seller’s and purchaser’s vets agree that there is a life threatening incurable health defect which existed at the time of the purchase, and further, provide that the puppy has been properly cared for in purchasers possession, the seller guarantees to refund the price of said puppy only.

Should death occur within this 48 hour period, an autopsy (at the purchasers’ expense) must be performed at a Diagnostic Laboratory Clinic to determine the cause of death. If the death was caused by a congenital defect the autopsy report must be provided to the breeder proceeding replacement with a new available puppy of the same value, contingent on availability.  Purchaser will be responsible for all veterinarian fees and shipping expenses incurred.  All references to your puppy must contain the correct microchip number to validate guarantee.

Purchaser agrees that a puppy is a lifetime commitment and guarantees a stable and permanent home for said puppy. Our goal is that no puppy will have to go to an Animal Shelter, so if at any time purchaser can no longer care for said puppy the purchaser agrees to accept responsibility to find said puppy a new and proper home.  Under no circumstances will this particular puppy be sold, leased or given away to any animal shelter, rescue league, broker, pet shop, research laboratory, or similar facility.  This is legally binding contract.  Any violation WILL result in court actions and will be held in the Seller’s county.  All expenses (attorney’s fees, court costs, etc.) will be incurred by the Buyer.  If legal action must be taken in the state of the Buyer then all expenses (including Sellers traveling, lodging, etc.) will be included in the suit and will be incurred by the Buyer.

Other than the preceding guarantee, Poodles by Design assumes no monetary responsibility for puppies once they leave the premises.  Mishandling during delivery, transportation, etc., will not be the responsibility of the seller.

Your puppy can become stressed by shipping, adjusting to a new home, being handled, changing diets, etc., and this can bring on problems which include: worms, coccidiosis, hypoglycemia, etc. Seller has no control over puppies’ environment at this time and these conditions, and vet expenses will be the purchasers’ responsibility.

Puppy health problems that are either common, treatable, operable, curable and/or non-life threatening, whether apparent or undiagnosed at the time of purchase are not warranted under this limited health guarantee.  If your puppy checks out okay at it’s initial required 48 hour veterinarian visit, then that’s the limit of my warranty.

Puppies are sold as pet quaility with AKC REGISTRATION. The seller will estimate size/personality/color, etc. as accurately as possible, but because there are so many variables and factors involved in genetics breeder cannot guarantee these traits.  Seller does not guarantee any genetics, nor the breeding potential of any puppy.

By purchasing a puppy from Poodles by Design, you are agreeing to this warranty/guarantee.  This warranty/guarantee is posted on Poodles by Design’s web site for public veiwing.  It is the BUYER’S responsibility to complete and return this contract.  This health warranty is NOT VALID without this document (signed and dated) by the purchaser, and on file in our office. Purchaser agrees to pay for and submit said puppy to DNA tests if identification of said puppy is in question.   You will receive a signed copy after it is returned.  Full registration available for additional fee.

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